Your Guide on What You Need to Do After a Car Accident

No one ever expects to get in a car accident, and the experience can range from startling to terrifying. Knowing what to do in the case of a car accident will leave you feeling more at ease if you should ever find yourself in the situation. Read on for our guide on what to do after a car accident.

1. Get to Safety

You should never leave the scene of a car accident, whether you’ve been involved in a minor fender bender or a 3-car pile-up. But it’s important to first get to safety before you proceed with the next steps. Move your car to the shoulder of the road or a nearby parking spot if you can. If your car is too damaged to move, carefully walk to a safe area.

2. Alert Authorities

Check on the others involved to make sure everyone is okay. If you suspect injury of any kind, now is the time to call 911. You’ll also want to call the police to help provide a report for your insurance. This is important even in the case of a small accident, since you want proper evidence for filing your claim.

3. Gather Information

Everyone involved in the accident should share certain information to simplify the insurance claim process. Here is some of the vital information to record before leaving the scene of the car accident:


  • Full names of all drivers
  • License plate numbers
  • Insurance information
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • Contact information for eyewitnesses
  • Location of the accident
  • Contact information for police officers
  • Make and model of vehicles involved

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

After following these three steps for what to do after a car accident, make sure to contact your insurance company to report the accident and send your information for processing. Depending on the case, you may need to take other measures to protect yourself or get the injury compensation you deserve.

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