Stay Out Of Jail By Hiring A Reliable Visalia Tax Fraud Lawyer

Jail time is more likely to be ordered for cases where larger amounts of money are involved. These cases are often enormously complicated and difficult to follow, and the best tax evasion attorneys in Visalia and tax fraud lawyers in Madera can often prove that no fraud or evasion was committed. Governments employ teams of auditors, prosecutors, revenue agents and fraud specialists to detect and uncover evidence, so you need an equally skilled legal team fighting on your side in these types of cases. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Nuttall Coleman & Coleman are waiting for the opportunity to serve you.

Let A Visalia White Collar Crime Lawyer Handle Your Complex Case

Tax fraud and white-collar crimes require an experienced white collar crime attorney in Visalia who understands complex regulations that might involve studying huge amounts of paperwork. There’s often an ambiguous line between tax avoidance and tax evasion. The same is true about charges of deliberately misleading someone about investments and using company resources for personal use. Hiring a skilled Visalia white collar crime lawyer can help clients prove innocence or mount an aggressive defense.

When To Contact Visalia Tax Evasion Lawyers

People should contact tax evasion attorneys in Visalia or Merced tax evasion lawyers as soon as they suspect that they are under investigation. Warning signs that you’re under investigation include:
• Direct letters informing you that something is being investigated
• Contact from officials at the FBI, IRS, U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Treasury or the Securities and Exchange Commission
• Finding that friends have been contacted or interviewed about your business dealings
• Receiving a grand jury subpoena
• Contact or questions from any local, state or federal agency

Contact Our White Collar Crime Attorney In Visalia Today

A Visalia tax fraud lawyer or white collar crime attorney in Visalia knows how to present your case in ways that convince judges of innocent intentions or extenuating circumstances so that won’t receive a jail sentence if found guilty. After all, most organizations like the IRS or other agencies just want you to make good on your mistakes or pay the taxes that you owe. Our tax fraud lawyers in Visalia can often help you make proactive admissions that will help your case and minimize the risk of being sentenced to jail.