Minor dodges alcohol citation with rock, paper, scissors

Like Omar Little of The Wire fame says, “The game is out there, and it’s either play or get played.”

Even though Omar was referring to the power struggles relating to politics, the illegal drug trade, and other criminal enterprises in Baltimore, Maryland, the quote does seem somewhat appropriate for a small story that went viral over the past weekend. (Plus, it never hurts and it is always delightful to throw an Omar quote into the mix no matter how tangentially relevant to the topic of conversation.)

While at the Chilifest country music festival in Snook, Texas, an underage girl got out of an alcohol possession citation by engaging in and beating the police officer at a game of rock, paper, scissors.

When asked what her strategy was in beating the cops, the girl stated “All in the game, yo. It’s all in the game.” Not really. But, hey, Omar!

The story caught fire after a Texas A&M student posted the video of the game to their Vine account. The video has since been deleted, but was re-uploaded and made it to the front page of Reddit on Monday.

If you can believe one Reddit commenter, playing a game to get out of a ticket or citation may be more common than you’d think.

“I have a friend who is a cop that sometimes does something similar,” says commenter tkdsplitter. “If he’s already decided he’s gonna let a person off with a warning, he’ll tell them he’s going to flip a coin on whether he’s going to give them a ticket or not. He always tells them they won, just so that person can tell his or her friends the story and never be believed.”

Watch the Vine below:

Source: Girl beat cop at rock, paper, scissors to get out of a ticket (Mashable)

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