Friendly Merced Tax Evasion Lawyers Can Help Clarify Your Options

However, as Merced tax evasion lawyers and Madera tax evasion lawyers can explain, tax fraud is an umbrella term for many different violations related to taxes while tax evasion is one type of tax fraud. Tax evasion often involves underreporting one’s income. Tax fraud can encompass any number of actions such as reporting personal expenses as business expenses or inventing false deductions. An individual who is being investigated for tax fraud may want to contact a Merced tax fraud lawyer immediately.

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A Merced tax fraud lawyer may advise an individual facing charges for tax fraud that the burden is on the government to prove that the deception was deliberate. Merced tax evasion lawyers might choose to emphasize a point like this in a defense. The tax code is so complicated that mistakes might easily be made, and a white collar crime attorney in Merced might work with a client to present a defense based on this argument.

Tax Fraud Lawyers In Merced Can Prove Your Innocence

A Merced white collar crime lawyer and white collar crime attorney in Visalia may explain to a client that penalties for tax fraud are both civil and criminal. In practice, the IRS will sometimes only pursue people for civil violations due to the difficulty of proving intentional fraud. Tax fraud lawyers in Merced might work to demonstrate that a client was simply unaware of filing conventions rather than deliberately trying to deceive the government.

Tax evasion attorneys in Merced may find themselves dealing with criminal penalties in limited circumstances. One situation is when tax fraud is the only offense authorities can charge someone with when they are otherwise certain the person is involved in criminal behavior. This was famously the case with the gangster Al Capone who in 1931 went to prison for tax evasion and not murder or numerous other crimes.

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A Merced white collar crime lawyer might prepare a defense for a client that involves examining the exact nature of the offense and showing where the client may have been misled. We can help you plan a defense, protect your reputation, and reduce your sentence. Tax evasion attorneys in Merced will have dealt with a number of similar cases, and might be able to establish a client’s innocence.