Do Not Carry This Burden Alone – Speak With A DUI Lawyer In Merced

A Merced DUI law firm consists of a legal team that has extensive experience handling DUI cases. This is important because an experienced Merced DUI lawyer knows exactly what to expect from the prosecutor and the court system in general. A DUI lawyer in Merced also knows that the evidence the police collect is often unreliable. We are also the Hanford DUI law firm that locals know they can rely on.

We Can Help You Build A Merced DUI Defense Plan

In California, law enforcement officers make regular use of the breathalyzer. However, knowledgeable DUI attorneys in Merced CA are aware that the breathalyzer demonstrated that subjects in several clinical studies had blood alcohol levels or BACs equal to .08 percent or more. The problem is that when researchers performed blood tests on these same individuals, they did not indicate that the subjects’ BAC was higher than the legal limit. Armed with this evidence, your attorneys can mount an effective Merced DUI defense that may force the court to drop the charges against you. If you seek a DUI lawyer in Visalia, we can help.

Our Merced DUI Law Firm Will Fight For Your Rights

Your lawyers can develop a Merced DUI defense in other situations as well. For example, sometimes, the court requires that you have the ignition interlock device or IID installed in your vehicle before your driving privileges will be returned to you. Your Merced DUI lawyer is aware that this can be very expensive. The court could also sentence you to a six month jail term. In addition, you may receive a maximum $1,000 penalty. We can even provide a DUI attorney in Madera if deemed necessary.

Skilled DUI attorneys in Merced CA will thoroughly investigate your case. Then, your Merced DUI attorney may be able to have the charges reduced so that you will not be susceptible to the devastating consequences listed above. The situation is even more dire if this is a second, third or fourth offense. In this case, your DUI lawyer in Merced will work tirelessly on your behalf because he or she knows that your future is at stake.

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The Law Offices of Nuttall Coleman &  Coleman are a Merced DUI law firm that is prepared to begin working on your defense today. Contact our office in Merced for a consultation so that we can help you return to your life once again.