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Merced drug lawyers or Clovis drug lawyers and other attorneys in the state will have the most current information on this change in the law. Individuals who are charged with possession of prescription drugs may want to consult a drug lawyer in Merced to find out whether the drug possession charges also fall under the umbrella of Proposition 47.

The new laws will not apply to individuals who have been convicted of certain serious crimes including murder, but other crimes such as carjacking may be exempt. Drug crime attorneys in Merced may be able to advise individuals as to the impact a pre-existing criminal record may have on charges for possessing cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, ecstasy, heroin or methamphetamine.

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The hope is that this new law affecting Merced drug crime defense will reduce overcrowding in prisons and save the state money. Some of the money saved will go toward drug treatment and education. More Merced drug lawyers may be hired to work on the new cases. For example, Los Angeles will be hiring a number of new attorneys and legal clerks. As in Los Angeles, a Merced drug attorney may also begin working on more misdemeanor cases than in the past.

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Possession of marijuana is already a misdemeanor in California. Data from other states indicates that making drug felonies into misdemeanors does not result in an overall increase in crime. Merced drug crime lawyers and Madera drug lawyers may now be able to better focus on steering clients toward treatment instead fighting to keep them out of prison. Lawyers throughout the state including drug crime attorneys in Merced will handle 40,000 fewer felony cases overall.

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Merced drug attorneys will still work on drug-related cases that are felonies including helping individuals convicted of serious crimes who are facing possession charges. Merced drug crime defense might focus on getting serious charges reduced so that possession charges become misdemeanors. A drug lawyer in Merced may be able to discuss this type of strategy with clients.