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If you have been charged with child sexual abuse, you might also be guilty of violating other legal codes. Child pornography, rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment could leave you in legal limbo. A reputable child molestation lawyer should be able to examine both the primary and secondary charges and craft a viable legal defense plan.

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It is often better to plead guilty to some counts while maintaining your innocence on others. The experienced Merced child sexual abuse attorneys and child sexual abuse lawyer in Madera at Nuttall Coleman &  Coleman can help you avoid prison time. The charges might even be dropped altogether. Skilled legal professionals, however, will be crucial to your future viability.

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An eminently qualified child molestation lawyer in Merced will be able to sift through mountains of evidence and determine which facts are likely to be pertinent to your case. In most instances, large amounts of paperwork will also need to be filed at the local courthouse. We can help you navigate the court process so that there are no surprises when a legal decision is finally rendered. We can also provide a list of options should you wish to appeal a certain portion of your case.

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An excellent child sexual abuse defense might allow you to avoid registering as a sex offender in the months ahead. You will generally require a stellar legal team, however, in order for this to happen. By using an excellent child sexual abuse lawyer in Merced, you can avoid the harshest of punishments. With dedication and devotion, your life will soon return to normal once again.