Work With Hanford Manslaughter Lawyers That Care

At Nuttall Coleman & Drandell , our Hanford homicide lawyers discuss your case with you to determine the best possible defense. We understand the seriousness of such charges and the importance of having them dropped or reduced. Our experienced Hanford manslaughter lawyers are with you through every step of your case. While you may retain our services any time, we strongly urge you to hire us for yourself or the person you are seeking an attorney for as early in the case as possible. This gives our Hanford homicide lawyers ample time to prepare, gather testimonies and decide what we need for the strongest defense. When it comes to protecting a person’s innocence, our Hanford murder lawyers spare no expense in trial preparation.

Our Hanford Murder Lawyers Will Help You In This Dire Time

It is best for anyone facing such serious charges to hire a murder defense attorney in Hanford, because the stress of looming charges take an emotional toll on a person. Do not fight the case with a public defender. Their case loads are large, so they do not have the time our Hanford murder lawyers have to invest in you. Also, they do not have a firm name to protect. Our success and reputation are at stake with your case, so rest assured that we provide the best Hanford manslaughter lawyers. The Law Offices of Nuttall Coleman & Drandell is located at 2333 Merced Street, Fresno, CA 93721. Visit us or Call (559) 233-2900 to speak with a professional lawyer today.

Build A Solid Defense With A Homicide Lawyer In Hanford

While our goal is to have your charges dropped, we may also be able to negotiate a good plea deal. A private murder attorney in Hanford can be the difference of spending life in prison or walking away free and clear. A homicide lawyer in Hanford can also appeal an unsatisfactory verdict for a shorter sentence.

Whether You’re Charged With Attempted Murder or Homicide, Call Us Immediately

Whether your charge is murder or attempted murder, we can help. Our experienced attorneys have spent years fighting for positive outcomes on cases similar to yours. If you need a murder defense attorney in Hanford, call us today for a free and confidential consultation.