Embezzlement and Fraud Attorney in Fresno, CA

Dependable Fresno lawyers are just a phone call away, so if you are facing criminal charges in the local surrounding areas we can defend your case. An accusation of theft, fraud or embezzlement can ruin your life if you don’t have the right legal team behind you. It can leave you with a criminal record, preventing you from securing jobs in the future, and burden you with large fines, probation, community service and even jail time.

Our Experienced Fresno Theft Attorneys Can Defend Your Rights

When this kind of accusation is lobbed at you, it can be difficult to find anyone willing to fight on your side. Running out to the nearest Fresno theft attorneys or Clovis embezzlement attorneys is a recipe for disaster because inexperienced Fresno theft attorneys can mean the death of your career and the loss of your case. That’s why you need Fresno theft fraud and embezzlement lawyers with experience winning cases against those who’ve been accused of financial crimes.

We Can Help Simplify The Complexity Of Theft, Fraud and Embezzlement Charges

There are many crimes that might be covered under the heading of theft, fraud and embezzlement. These include identity theft, employee theft, money laundering, felony theft, forgery, counterfeiting and others. If you’ve been accused, you need an attorney who understands the subtle nuances of each type of crime so they can plan the best defense after reviewing all the evidence.

Two key things that separate qualified Fresno embezzlement attorneys and Madera theft attorneys from the unqualified fraud lawyers in Fresno is their understanding of the impact of intent and misrepresentation on your case. Understanding the way these terms impact a case can mean the difference between a guilty or innocent verdict. The Law Offices of Nuttall Coleman & Coleman is located at 2333 Merced St., Fresno, CA 93721. Visit us or Call Toll Free at (888) 883-2152 to speak with a professional lawyer today.

Finding the Right Fresno Theft Fraud and Embezzlement Lawyers

There are many fraud lawyers in Fresno and fraud lawyers in Merced, but they’re not all created equal. At Nuttall Coleman & Drandell, we understand the ins and outs of money laundering cases, forgery accusations, and white collar crimes. We have some of the top fraud lawyers in Fresno, and they’re waiting to work with you. Whether you’ve been accused of felony theft, identity theft or counterfeiting, we can help.

Don’t Fall Victim To Overstated Charges Of Theft

Don’t let a conviction ruin your family’s future. A criminal record will show up on background checks forever and hurt your chances of finding a decent job, getting your kids into good schools and securing loans. Instead, hire an experienced team of Fresno embezzlement attorneys who have a record of success that shows their skill and dedication to clients.