Tax Fraud Attorney in Fresno, CA

Fresno lawyers at Nuttall & Coleman can help defend your rights no matter the situation. What do under-reporting, overstating and failure to file have in common? They are all means by which citizens and corporate entities alike attempt to avoid paying taxes. If you’ve been accused of this crime, you’ll need to contact a Fresno white collar crime lawyer as soon as possible. Whether you’re looking for Fresno tax evasion lawyers or tax fraud lawyers in Fresno or even Clovis tax fraud lawyers, the respected firm of Nuttall & Coleman can help.

When The Need For A Fresno Tax Evasion Lawyer Arises

While certain actions may seem innocent enough at the time, the Internal Revenue Service is sure to see things differently. You’ll know you’re in trouble if:

• The IRS sends you a notification.
• A special agent or federal marshal appears at your door.
• You’re already under arrest or indictment.

Fortunately, choosing a Fresno white collar crime lawyer is easy as picking up the phone. Nuttall & Coleman will provide you with a white collar crime attorney in Fresno or Madera tax fraud lawyers who will see your case through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Is It Fraud Or Evasion? Our Fresno White Collar Crime Lawyer Can Help

As your tax fraud lawyers in Fresno can explain, there is a difference between fraud and evasion. Fraud carries the more severe penalties, and without a Fresno tax fraud lawyer at your side, you could be facing a hefty fine at best and jail time at worst.

Not all tax cases are strictly fraudulent in nature. Many fall under the umbrella of tax evasion. After evaluating your situation, the Fresno tax evasion lawyers and Merced tax fraud lawyers at Nuttall & Coleman will let you know whether your crime falls into this less-onerous category.

Don’t Settle For The Second-Best Tax Evasion Attorneys In Fresno

As any Fresno tax fraud lawyer will tell you, the laws surrounding fraud and evasion can be quite complicated. While not all tax evasion attorneys in Fresno have the necessary drive and expertise to get you off the proverbial hook, it should give you comfort to learn that at Nuttall & Coleman, you will find the Fresno tax evasion lawyers or Visalia tax fraud lawyers who will stand by your side from beginning to end as your case progresses.

Call The Fresno Tax Evasion Lawyers At Nuttall & Coleman Today

Tax fraud and tax evasion are serious matters in need of proficient handling. When you’re looking for the most respected tax evasion attorneys in Fresno, you need look no further than Nuttall & Coleman, the firm that can provide you with the expert representation you need from the best white collar crime attorney in Fresno.