Homicide Lawyers in Fresno, CA

The Fresno violent crime rate is above average compared to surrounding cities, and unfortunately the rate of murders has doubled in the last decade compared to the US average. Under Penal Code 187, murder is defined as causing the death of someone else with malice aforethought. If you or a loved one has been charged with murder, your best defense is to contact a homicide lawyer in Fresno or Clovis homicide lawyers who can represent your case.  

What Is Malice Aforethought? Malice aforethought means the murder was planned before the act took place. Malice aforethought must be shown in order to convict someone of first degree murder. Malice aforethought can also be established when the defendant is shown to have an “evil and depraved” state of mind with no concern for the welfare of others. The Fresno homicide lawyers at Nuttall & Coleman have many years of experience defending people who are charged with murder.

How Can A Homicide Lawyer In Fresno Help Me?

Our lawyers know that in order to convict you of murder or manslaughter, the prosecution must demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that you caused the death, that you had no reasonable excuse for your actions and that your mental state showed malice aforethought.

However, in some cases, you can be charged with murder even when you did not premeditate the crime and held no malice toward the victim. With the help of a murder defense attorney, you will not have to present your case on your own. Your attorney may be able to reduce the penalties associated with a murder charge by building a case for insanity, accidental killing, mistaken identity or killing in the heat of passion.

Can Lawyers Represent Me If The Murder Was Accidental?

If you’ve been charged with murder, but it was an accident, an experienced homicide lawyer can go to bat for you. The lawyers at Nuttall & Coleman can help to show that the murder was not intentional or premeditated. Accidents are not necessarily crimes, but without legal representation, you may still be facing severe penalties.

Our Lawyers Can Help to Reduce Sentencing

Our law firm may be able to help you reduce sentencing and fines. In California, murder convictions and even attempted murder convictions come with severe penalties. You may be facing the death penalty or a life sentence with no possibility of parole. Additionally, you may be facing a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court with monetary damages in the millions.

Attempted Murder Convictions Come With Severe Penalties

If you have been charged with murder or attempted murder, do not go it alone. Enlist the help of an experienced homicide lawyer in Fresno to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Your first consultation will cost you nothing and could mean the difference between suffering an undeserved conviction and going on to lead a normal life.