DUI Attorneys in Fresno, CA

Our Fresno DUI law firm helps first-time and multiple-time offenders with their cases. If you’ve been arrested for DUI in or near Fresno, CA, don’t assume that a conviction is a foregone conclusion. The right Fresno DUI attorney can help you build a strong defense and may be able to help you avoid the most serious and damaging repercussions of a DUI conviction. If you’re looking for a competent DUI attorney in Fresno, we are ready to help.

After being arrested for DUI, your first order of business should be lining up a solid Fresno DUI defense team. Our firm is made up of experienced DUI attorneys in Fresno CA, and our skilled attorneys understand the finer points and nuances of local and state laws regarding such charges.

Hiring DUI Attorneys In Fresno Will Help Reduce DUI Conviction Charges

As any knowledgeable DUI attorney can tell you, a DUI or DWI conviction is far more than a slap on the wrist. The fines are staggering and community service is often required. If it’s your second or subsequent offense, jail time is a real possibility. Your license may be suspended or revoked, and your insurance rates will likely skyrocket. With all of this in mind, it’s well worth it to hire a DUI lawyer in Fresno at the earliest possible opportunity.

Challenging A DUI Charge Requires A DUI Defense

Depending on the circumstances, a DUI lawyer may be able to identify discrepancies regarding the way in which you were stopped and arrested. Even if your blood alcohol test results exceeded the .08-percent maximum or if you failed your field sobriety tests, the police have procedures they must follow. Furthermore, various tests may not hold up in court. There are often many ways to challenge a DUI charge, and our experienced DUI attorneys in Fresno CA will get to work right away to see if any apply to your situation.

Hire the Best Fresno DUI Lawyer Immediately To Protect Your Rights

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest, you have rights that need to be protected. The best way to do that is by retaining an experienced DUI lawyer in Fresno, and our firm has you covered. Our Fresno DUI law firm handles cases like yours every day, and we’ve seen it all. Not convinced? Around 30 percent of DUI arrests in California result in less than a DUI conviction, so it’s well worth it to hire a DUI attorney in Fresno.

The Repercussions Of A DUI Conviction Are Serious And Long-Lasting

Don’t plead guilty to DUI before consulting with a skilled attorney. Our team will work with you to build a strong DUI defense, so contact us today. Your first consultation will cost you nothing and could mean the difference between suffering an undeserved conviction and going on to lead a normal life.