Child Pornography Lawyers in Fresno, California

Fresno child pornography lawyers can help you plan a defense to charges that often carry more severe penalties than murder or physical assaults. Few legal issues offer more conflicting and ambiguous laws than child pornography crimes related to computers. Your Fresno child pornography defense or child pornography attorney in Clovis might involve the amorphous nature of proving or disproving “possession” when multiple people have access to a computer. Other potential defenses include being falsely accused, unknowingly downloading material off the Internet, entrapment, psychological addiction and illegal searches and seizures.

Defending Against A Fresno Child Pornography Lawsuit

If charged with child pornography in any of its forms, you want to fight hard. Penalties are severe, possible federal changes apply and you could be convicted just for mailing a package for your boss or a friend. Few crimes offer greater damage to your personal and professional life than a conviction on child porn charges, so defending against a Fresno child pornography lawsuit or Madera child pornography lawsuit is imperative. You could be convicted if someone else downloads pornography on your computer without your knowledge. California child pornography laws include penalties and jail sentences for the following offenses:

• Knowing, developing, printing or sharing child porn
• Employing a child to perform in a recorded sexual act
• Sexual exploitation of a minor even without intent to distribute
• Possessing child porn or transporting, duplicating or producing it
• Advertising child porn, which could involve innocent placement of ambiguous ads on your website

Fresno Child Pornography Lawyers and Conflicting, Ambiguous Laws

Both the federal government and California are cracking down on child pornography; so many unwitting victims are suddenly finding themselves charged under a barrage of conflicting laws. You need the strongest possible defense because penalties and sentences for misdemeanor and felony convictions could result in $100,000 fines and up to eight years in prison. Another penalty of any conviction is that you would be required to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law.

Today, it’s quite easy to accidentally have inexplicit material on your computer without knowing about it, and a routine repair might reveal the hidden cache and result in bogus child pornography charges. Regardless of the cause or intent of possessing questionable material, accused people should hire Fresno child pornography lawyers to protect their rights. The Law Offices of Nuttall & Coleman is located at 2445 Capitol Street, Suite #150, Fresno, CA 93721. Visit us or Call Toll Free at (888) 883-2152 to speak with a professional lawyer today.

Fresno child pornography Defense Strategy

A child pornography attorney in Fresno or a child pornography attorney in Merced can help you plan a defense, protect your reputation, reduce your sentence or get exonerated. The ambiguities of child porn and computers leave plenty of defense possibilities, but you need an experienced child pornography attorney in Fresno to represent your interests.