You Need The Assistance Of An Experienced Murder Attorney In Clovis

Clovis homicide lawyers and Madera muder lawyers at Nuttal & Coleman have extensive knowledge and experience in how the police and the courts handle these matters, and they know exactly what you should and should not say. Without the assistance of a murder attorney in Clovis, you may say something that causes law enforcement to believe that you committed this crime even though you are innocent. It doesn’t matter if you were arrested yesterday or last month. If you haven’t called Clovis murder lawyers or Merced homicide lawyers, now is the time to do so.

Attempted Murder And Homicide Fall Into A Range Of Categories

“Homicide” can mean one of several different things. For example, you may have been charged with any of the following in California:

• Pre-meditated murder
• Voluntary manslaughter
• Involuntary manslaughter
• Vehicular manslaughter

All four of the crimes listed above are very grave, so if you have been charged with any one of them, you have no choice but to contact a murder defense attorney in Clovis. This task is just as imperative if you have been accused of manslaughter. Therefore, Clovis manslaughter lawyers and Visalia homicide lawyers are just as valuable as homicide attorneys because manslaughter carries a possible 11-year prison sentence.

Our Clovis Manslaughter Lawyers Can Reduce The Charges

In contrast to manslaughter, a murder conviction can result in a life sentence, so you cannot allow this situation to go on without hiring Clovis homicide lawyers. In some instances, Clovis murder lawyers had the murder charges against their clients reduced to manslaughter. These Clovis manslaughter lawyers kept their clients from receiving a possible life sentence or even the death penalty.

Even though “attempted murder” means that the victim did not lose his or her life, this is still a very serious matter, and the accused is someone who needs a homicide lawyer in Clovis. It’s possible that a guilty verdict can result in life imprisonment with the possibility of parole, so anyone indicted on this offense must have a murder defense attorney in Clovis to prepare a vigorous defense.

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Your first consultation will cost you nothing and could mean the difference between suffering an undeserved conviction and going on to lead a normal life. Contact the Law Offices of Nuttall Coleman & Drandell  today if you or a loved one needs a murder attorney in Clovis.