We Defend Against All Types Of Domestic Violence Claims In Clovis

With over a century of combined experienced, we are the Clovis domestic violence attorneys and Madera domestic violence lawyers clients count on to restore order in their lives. Losing parental rights is one of the most difficult prospects most parents can imagine facing. Being removed from the household compounds the situation by removing one of the most essential human needs: the comfort of home. To make matters worse, the accused may even lose his or her source of income due to anti-domestic violence company policies.

Call The Domestic Violence Lawyers In Clovis With Years Of Experience

As domestic violence lawyers in Clovis and a Merced domestic violence lawyer for many years, we have defended countless clients facing the loss of home, family and income. During this difficult time, a client’s reputation is likely to suffer as well. Relatives, neighbors and friends who hear of this type of family law claim, whether true or not, often turn their backs on the accused. The right Clovis domestic violence lawyer will do everything possible to achieve a good outcome.

Our Team Of Clovis Domestic Violence Lawyers Will Protect Your Rights

With so much at stake, our team of seasoned Clovis domestic violence lawyers and Visalia domestic violence lawyer know that communication is vital. When a client needs a Clovis domestic violence lawyer, legal counsel is just one part of the equation. In addition to providing top-notch representation, we strive to keep each client informed about new developments in his or her case. Whether we are called upon to counter a restraining order or the case has gone much further, our goal is to provide up-to-the-minute communication while defending against domestic violence claims in Clovis.

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As Clovis domestic violence attorneys, we have spent countless years defending clients against false claims by jealous spouses and other accusers. At Nuttall and Coleman, our aim is to ensure justice and return the accused to their homes. Although it can take time to restore normalcy, we want to be the domestic violence lawyers in Clovis families depend on in these difficult situations. We help you plan a defense, protect your reputation, and reduce your sentence. Visit the Law Offices of Nuttall & Coleman located at 2445 Capitol Street, Suite #150, Fresno, CA 93721 or call toll free at 888-883-2152.