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If you have been accused of making, owning or distributing child pornography, you’re in very serious trouble. The laws that protect kids from exploitation are complex, and the penalties for doing so are severe. If you’ve been charged with possession of any form of pornography that features minors, consult with a child pornography attorney in Clovis or a Madera child pornography attorney without delay.

Child porn can take a number of forms. Pornography can be in the form of books, films, magazines, video tape, online images, photographic negatives and computer software. A Clovis child pornography lawsuit or Merced child pornography lawsuit, whether you are convicted or not, can do considerable damage to your reputation. The sooner your attorney begins to prepare your Clovis child pornography defense, the better.

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At the law offices of Nuttall and Coleman, you can speak frankly with Clovis child pornography lawyers who are experienced in dealing with these types of complicated cases. Your initial consultation with the skilled and experienced legal team at Nuttall and Coleman won’t cost you a dime.

If you’re about to be hit with a Clovis child pornography lawsuit, speak with an attorney right away. Make the call to Nuttall and Coleman and take the first step toward justice. Until we know the details of your case, we won’t be able to defend you. Clovis child pornography defense may include not knowing that the actors were underage or that the evidence was planted by a vengeful spouse or co-worker.

Don’t Get Buried By A Clovis Child Pornography Lawsuit

Please don’t think that good Americans don’t go to jail for crimes they did not commit. It happens every day. We can’t promise that our team of Clovis child pornography lawyers will get you off the hook, but we can assure you that your chances of receiving a fair outcome are exponentially increased when you have the support of a child pornography attorney in Clovis, California.

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