ATV: Medical Marijuana, Court Record Fees, Cutting-Edge Fresno

Around the Valley features a round-up of interesting stories in and around Fresno County and the Central Valley related to criminal law, criminal defense, and/or Fresno County.

Medical Marijuana (Fresno Bee) – Medical marijuana growers who had been cited for city marijuana ordinance violations last year appealed their citations and resulting fines to county supervisors. Fresno County supervisors denied the appeals.

Court Record Fees (Fresno Bee) – Under California’s “Sunshine Laws”, the public is entitled to a remarkable level of access to a vast array of government records, however, the costs for these records aren’t cheap. Which begs the question: If you exclude a certain population from getting court records because of their socio-economic status, are those records really all that “accessible”. The article hints at the fees’ possible chilling effect on public participation in and press coverage concerning government.

Fresno: Cutting-Edge Cultural and Technology Center? (The Atlantic) – In the newest addition to its “American Futures” series, which highlights cultural and industrial growth centers throughout the United States that are reshaping the country, The Atlantic takes a look at the city of Fresno, Calif. Upcoming stories from the series can be found on the main American Futures page.

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