Attorney Secures Rare Gubernatorial Pardon for Client

FRESNO, CALIF. – After living with the specter of a car theft committed almost 20 years ago, a client of Fresno criminal defense attorney Mark W. Coleman received a letter from California Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. on December 24, 2014 granting a “full and unconditional” pardon for the crime.

Although it arrived just one day before Christmas, the pardon was not a gift, but an honor that was earned.

The letter from the governor states that the pardon rewards individuals who have gone on to “live honest and law abiding lives after completing their criminal sentence.” Since serving his sentence, Coleman’s client has gone on to build a successful career.

Historically, governors have granted very few pardons to those seeking them.

According to the California governor’s official website, a gubernatorial pardon is an honor that may be granted to people who have “demonstrated exemplary behavior following their conviction. A pardon will not be granted unless it has been earned.”

“I have known this client for 20 years, and he truly deserved the pardon. A felony conviction has tremendous consequences and a pardon can help him in many ways. Most importantly, it is a tremendous way to recognize the value of rehabilitation,” Coleman said.

“I am very pleased we were able to help,” Coleman added.

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