A Knowledgeable and Experienced Personal Injury Attorney and Criminal Defense Law Firm in Fresno, CA

The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Nuttall & Coleman, a leading Fresno criminal defense law firm, have more than 100 years of combined experience. Our criminal lawyers have handled cases ranging in seriousness from a minor in possession of alcohol to Double or Triple homicides; or white collar allegations as simple as lying on a DMV application to multimillion dollar development fraud cases. Chances are if you have been accused of a crime one of the attorneys in our office has handled a similar case. We have practiced criminal defense in jurisdictions across the United States and even in foreign countries, and together the firm has tried over 250 cases.

Because of the complexities of criminal defense and criminal law in general, an attorney’s level of experience is a crucial factor in developing the best approach to your case. Through each of the 250 cases that our criminal defense attorneys have tried (and an innumerable amount of hearings, court appearances, and meetings with prosecutors), we have gained valuable experience and knowledge, which we call on to build a tactical strategy for our clients. Law is as much an art as a science. Only through experience does an attorney learn the lessons that help him combine the law with facts; and get the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for his client. It is this experience that could mean the difference between facing a conviction and going on to lead an normal life.